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Doggy Conversation Hearts

This Valentine's day, deliver your messages to your pup with our Valentine's day themed biscuits!


Heart BEET strawberry : Organic oat flour, organic strawberries, organic applesauce, organic coconut oil, organic beet powder.


Grandma’s Peanut Butter cookies: Organic oat flour, organic applesauce, organic peanut butter, blackstrap molasses.


Honey apple coconut : Organic oat flour, organic coconut flour, organic apple sauce, organic coconut oil, organic honey

Doggy Conversation Hearts

  • Each biscuit is approximately 2 inches X 1.5 inches. (3oz bag)

  • For maximum freshness, please keep our treats in refrigerator and consume with 10 days of Delivery. You can freeze them to keep it longer.

    *Please note: We don’t use any preservatives on our product. If you receive the original order from us with issues, please kindly contact us!

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