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Individually wrapped Custom Biscuit or tuna treats


Please make sure to add 10+ items for each item you are ordering. Thank you 😊

* Do you need custom print biscuits for your party or your business?

This Large Bone can fit up to 14 large characters ( 7 characters on each line*2)

Peanut Butter Flavor



*12 tuna treats per bag.

Each package includes an ingredient label and custom title, such as “(Your Business name) Special” as a title and you can also put “Thank you for supporting our business” etc.


*If you are purchasing biscuits in bulk and freeze to reship as needed, please kindly defrost the biscuits/tuna treats in room temperature first. And make sure no condensation is sitting inside the bag.

Individually wrapped Custom Biscuit or tuna treats

  • For maximum freshness, please keep our treats in cool and dry place and consume with 2 weeks of Delivery. You can freeze them to keep it longer for up to 3 months.

    *Please note: We don’t use any preservatives on our product. If you receive the original order from us with issues, please kindly contact us!

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